Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Light Fields

Steven J. Gortler, Radek Grzeszczuk, Richard Szeliski, Michael F. Cohen. (1996). The lumigraph. Proc. ACM SIGGRAPH, 43-54.

Levoy, M. and Hanrahan, P. (1996). Light field rendering. Proc. ACM SIGGRAPH, 31-42.


Stuart Heinrich said...

Hmm, I guess light fields are not a method of rendering global illumination after all. I found the document I was mentioning that describes the technique:


Unknown said...

In the Resolution section I understand their reasoning on choosing N. However, for M, they pull the classic "this is intuitively obvious" and it isn't to me at first blush. I understand their figures but I'm not convinced it is always smooth.