Sunday, March 9, 2008

Animating faces

An introduction and survey with more early work, this time on facial motion capture:

Frederic Pighin, J. P. Lewis. (2006). Introduction, Facial motion retargeting. In Performance-driven facial animation, ACM SIGGRAPH Course.

Lance Williams. (1990). Performance-driven facial animation. Proc. ACM SIGGRAPH, 235-242.


Unknown said...

Pighin papers:
These were a fairly light introduction to facial animation. As I was reading I couldn't help but think "none of this really sounds terribly different from the rest". There are minor details that differentiate, but it seems everyone uses the same basic idea(s), especially blendshapes. I'm most curious about the Buck et al. paper because of their use of a Delauney triangulation; I'd like more detail on how they use this.

According to the last paper this is quite an influential work. I must say that the results are fairly impressive for how "low-tech" everything was back then (scotchlite?!). This paper seemed to primarily concentrate on capture and the most interesting part--and I'm not sure why--was their brief bit about zebra and serpentine triangulation.