Turning in Your Project

Executable turn in. You will turn in your project "executable" by setting up a running public website. I will give details about access to the server you may use as soon as possible.

Code and documentation turn in. You will turn in your project code using a public GitHub repository, which I will set up. If you do not already have a free GitHub ID, you will have to create one. Then go to our course organization, find your project's repository, and watch it by clicking on the eye icon. I will then give you permission to edit the repository. Turn in all your code, documentation, and presentation material (including any slides or sketches) there. (I also hope you will use your GitHub repository for version control).

Final turn in. Your project will not be fully turned in until you post its name, a short description and a representative image to the course site with the tag "projects" and title prefix "Project: ". In your description, include URLs for the visualization website, GitHub repository and dataset.