Good Project Presentations

Good studio project presentations during the semester should:
  • Be at most 15 minutes long, allowing time for critique of three projects in a single class, including discussion.
  • Explain the dataset (the problem)
  • Briefly show related/comparable work
  • Be primarily visual, not textual (this is a visualization course):
    • Early on, include hand sketches, showing them using either the overhead projector, or by scanning/photographing them into an edoc.
    • Later, include screencaps of the imagery, and wireframes or video of the interface
  • As the project matures
    • Include formative evaluations with laypeople, captured in text, audio or video
    • Include a summary of feedback in previous critiques
    • As long as there are no new audience members, emphasize what has changed since the last presentation
The capstone presentation during the final period should differ from the semester presentations by:
  • Not assuming that the audience has seen any of the team's earlier presentations
  • Consist largely of a demo of the visualization website
  • Begin with a polished 5 minute "elevator pitch", that delivers the problem and its solution in a nutshell